Matrix Foam Products
Innovative and Creative Foam Solutions

Biocides, UV and Fungal Resistance improve the life and use of outdoor cushions and products.Rain won't leave a musty smell when you use treated foam.

Bariatric Medical cushions and padding are improved with increased density foams, better resilience and support improve comfort..

We can show you how to create better seats with more air flow.

Tell us your problems, we'll help you find a solution.

Matrix Foam Products

Matrix Foam Products is here to help you with your foam challenges. Our Foam experts have over fifty years of combined experience in the technical Flexible Foam Industry.

We can help you with all of your flexible foam needs.

Our experts can help you design your products, we can show you the right foam to use and explain why using the right foam is critical to your success.

We can show you options that can be cost saving, we can show you options that will increase yield and increase your profits.

We can help you set up Foam Fabrication in your business with recommendations for specialty equipment and processes.

We develop products to individual customer needs.


Fire Retardants
UV and Fungal Resistance
Extended Durability

Modifications to structure:

Cell Size

We welcome customer challenges
Let us help you

Matrix Foam Products



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